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Ok, asking for my friend here (though I'll admit I'm a bit curious myself...)

Does anyone know where I can find Yu Gi Oh anime to download? With Japanese voice and English sub. Getting tired of coming up with either blank search results or English dubs... >_>

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Now I wanna write a story about Mike. But I don't know where to start, and besides, I've got other stories going which I should try and finish before I start on something new. But I really wanna write some Mike-centric stuff now. Really wanna! I also want to RP, preferably with Mike (as in me RPing him), but I have no one to RP with. So that's no good. >.>

I'm spending my time watching InuYasha when I'm not brooding over the lack of Mike-centric stories. [ profile] nussekanin's b/f was kind enough to share the first 80 with me, so now I'm downloading for the life of me. Epi 33 almost done... And I'm spreading the love! Christine wanted InuYasha, so I'm sharing... ^^

Was in Hønefoss on Tuesday to check out my car and make the final adjustments (I don't do the adjustments, the mechanics does... >.<), and I'll get it in a few weeks. We caught a late plane home on Tuesday just so I'd have the time to meet [ profile] nussekanin at the air port for some food and a talk, and I really loved it! Never mind that the plane we took home had me waiting for an hour after [ profile] nussekanin left before boarding started. It was so worth all the waiting! ^^ And I had "The Truth" to keep me company while I waited. Remember, the Patrician never says sorry...

Now my goals are:
--Preferably getting the driver's license before the start of August
--Getting the driver's license before Anina gets hers
--Convince [ profile] nussekanin to come to Tromsø to take English together with me this autumn
--Getting my own apartment, preferably sharing one together with [ profile] nussekanin

And now I'm tired, so I'm going to go to bed now. Dream sweet dreams about Sesshomaru... >.>

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Either I am extremely blind, or I'm extremely stupid. I've been through Anime-Kraze's page and tracker and I still can't find InuYasha 1-80, all I find is #81-167, which says Final. But I want the beginning! *sighs* Seems it's not meant to be...
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My mental health is saved! Got mail today. From Rebecca-chan! ^^ Dried frog pills! ^o^ Will help take away the rest of the operation wounds, I'm sure. ^o^ So I'm taking Nanny's advice.
"Take one whenever the world gets too much, or when the voices tell you to."
So thankies!!! *hugs Rebecca-chan*

And then over to something completely different...
Does anyone know where I can get my hands on One Piece episode 145->? Cause I cannot find it. Has Kaizoku Fansubs changed address or are they simply gone? And if anyone knows where I can get InuYasha as well, I'd be delighted, as I can't find it anywhere. *sighs*
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I'm watching Neon Genesis Evangelion for the life of me now. :P The dvds are after all Christine's, and now I've had them since late August or early September. It's a good series, but it's a bit confusing in between. I'm getting the hang of it though...

I was down town today together with Mari and Maria. Bought cds, a dvd and tea. Five needed cds, but it won't stop me to spend another 900 kroner on cd next time I'm down town...
I bought:
--Hopalong Knut - Feilkalibrert tidsmaskin
--Limp Bizkit - Results may vary
--Limp Bizkit - The Unquestionable Truth Part 1
--Nightwish - Highest hopes
--Nirvana - In Utero
When I entered, the only cd I was after was the Nirvana cd, but don't expect me to be able to walk into a cd store without spending a ridiculous amount of money... ^_^; I also bought Metropolis, and I'm looking forward to watching that one. ^^

Then I walked past Tara's, Tromsø's only real tea shop, and I saw that they had a 20% discount on all tea and coffee. So what could I do? I only bought 50g of Rooibush Cape Town, and I hope it's good. If it is, I'll buy more later.

I think I need some tips on good tea. I'm getting tired of the varieties of green tea I'm currently drinking. Need some new flavors in addition to the ones I'm getting daily. ^^

Tomorrow there'll be a tea and coffee party at my place. I don't know how many we'll end up being, but at least there will be me, Mari, Marte and Torgrim. Maria, Andrea, Fritz, Njål and Ingrid might show up, depending on what other plans they might have. I'm really looking forward to it.^^

Downloaded the VPN client for uni today. Haven't done it on Hana-chan yet, but now I have access to Ofelas from home. And that's good. ^^ BOOKSEARCH! Just have to reboot the 'puter first... ^_^;
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I'm really looking forward to the weekend. [ profile] darkday and his bf finally managed to agree on a date, so now the wedding's gonna be held Saturday. ^^ They've gotten a big pavilion to put up in the back yard at Graham's mom's house, and they've even managed to bribe a priest, so it'll all be done properly. And I can't wait to see them both dressed up and at the alter! ^^ Yay for gay marriage!!!

Uni is boring atm. We're starting with phobias in psychology now, which in itself isn't so bad, if it wasn't for all the shite we have to read. And I found out I've paid 400 NOK for a psy book that I'll only need 4 chapters out off. That sucks! And in ex.phil. we'll never reach Nietzsche... I wanna have about Nietzsche! "Those who fight with monsters should look to it that they, themselves does not become monsters. If you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." YAY!

Should be playing the flute now, but I've been playing WoW most of the evening, so it won't happen. I want to play more WoW now, but I think it's probably getting a bit late. Could watch some Trigun instead... Or Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sounds like a plan...


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