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Long time since I've updated this. And long time since I've written on anything but my own Mac, which is noticeable when I try to do things the Mac way on a Windoze. :P And I miss FireFox's instant spell checker...

Well, Christmas eve was nice, got some pretty stuff and some interesting stuff. And some quite tasty stuff... ^^ Here's me making a list of everything I got:
--New house shoes from Portugal
--Snake ear pieces from Alchemy
--Marimekko box for storing stuff (tea, I'm thinking...)
--Eddie Izzard DVD
--300 kroner
--One flax ticket (no winnings)
--An Icelandic winged dragon brooch with neck chain
--A brooch with a flower
--A promise that [ profile] alcarnique will help me level Souvraya to 60
And I'm thinking that's pretty much it... ^^ I would consider it a good Christmas all in all. Know I'll get some more when I come back to school. A One Piece PlayStation2 game, a Lesbian Kama Sutra (just for laughs), and maybe something more. ^^

And then there was China! I love Beijing! :D Especially the Hutongs! So cute houses. ^^ The forbidden city was also nice, and the great wall was really great! And you gotta love the Buddha statue at the end of the Lama temple! It's 18-20 meters tall, huge and made of one piece of wood. I'm loving it! Spent more money than I should have, and now I'm totally broke. Totally, completely broke.

Wonder what I'll do tomorrow...

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Home from Beijing. And as good as broke. I managed to spend about 9000 kroner, though mom's paying me back 590. I bought 6 metres of silk for her, and it only cost me 700 yuan*, or 590 kroner. And that is counting the extra the bank takes for using my Visa outside of Norway. I think everything was extremely cheap. I payed 580 yuan for a quilted silk coat! I bought nature pearls too, and a beautiful picture with herons in it. And I've bought mascots for the Olympic Games 2008! ^^ They're just sooo cute! I will take pictures and post them later on. ^^

*is enjoying memories of the Chinese Wall*

*1 yuan=0.8 kroner

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I haven't updated in a while, have I? Haven't really been all that busy, I just can't seem to bug myself to write here. Or anywhere else, for that matter... No stories updated, no notes taken. No writing anywhere, with the exception of writing my password some places. has been frequented often. Too often, according to my wallet. And Outland now owns a lot of my money... >.> Have for now left 2800 kroner in Stavanger and 800 kroner in Bergen. And I managed to spend over 2000 kroner at Steinar's. He offered me the first 9 books of Neon Genesis Evangelion for only 800 kroner! How could I refuse that? And he had a Naruto calendar for 2007... ^^;

I'm looking forward to 3rd November. We're going to Beijing that day! ^^ And then I just hope that the Burning Crusade comes before Christmas... Wanna play blood elf... ^^;

I'm doing this in the web class. We're supposed to make a homepage for the class, and I'm seriously bored. But it's working in Photoshop, so it's ok enough... If I can be bugged, I'll upload some pictures I've made later on. ^^


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