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Turned 23 last Sunday. Don't know whether I've got any thoughts about that. Birthday present from my parents were that I don't have to pay the May rent. Got myself a present for myself in late April. Alpha Flight ftw. ^^

My bachelor assignment is shot. To hell. An office;mac update ate it, text, diagrams and all. So I'll be doing that over again next semester. So summer started two days earlier than I thought it would. Can't say I'm sad about that...

Got a concert on Thursday. Playing a sonate pour deux flûtes with my flute instructor. So just hope I'll manage to get the difficult parts right. Looking forward to getting a new flute. The one I have is not airtight any longer. Makes it bloody difficult to get certain tunes right.

I'm getting a bit nervous about our Florida-trip. So not used to travel without my parents. *sweatdrop* But I assume everything will go according to plan. The only thing we haven't fixed already is a hotel in Miami, but I don't think that'll be too big a problem. Will just have to wait and see what we find. At least we have a car.

Haven't played much WoW lately. Mix of not having time due to the assignment that went to hell and a general annoyance with the game. I miss raiding, but am not sure I'm geared well enough for Ulduar, and the guild has mostly left Naxxramas completely. And PuGing Naxx is so out of the question for me, it's not even funny. I do not PuG anything, at least not on my hunter. I'm too scared of the world of n00bs out there... >.< So I'll just have to wait for the guild to drag me into Ulduar. Which won't happen this side of summer. I miss Karazhan... Raiding just isn't the same without harpsichord music on the stairs... The shaman is great fun to play, though... Just wish I could get all my 20-50 characters to 58 so I could speed up the levelling a bit... Hellfire Peninsula->Zangarmarsh->Nagrand->Northrend. xD

Hmm... Should perhaps get to bed soon. Need to get up early tomorrow, as I need to talk to the university and NAV. Question is only, will I be able to drag my flatmate away from her computer and StarGate Atlantis?

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Happy birthday, [ profile] nussekanin!!!!!

Oh ones! Five exclamation marks! Surely a sign of a crazy mind!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] derangedbassist!
Hope you'll have a fantastic day! *hugs*

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Today it's my birthday! I'm 21, and I don't know if it'll make any difference at all. I do doubt it... But at least the weather's fine. A bit cold, but the sky is blue and the sun is shining. And for the first time, my national costume (from now on referred to as "bunad") fits perfectly. Not too tight anywhere, and not too loose anywhere. *cheers*

My own birthday present to myself was a new cell phone. A Sony Ericsson w300i. It is better than my old one, which started to do strange things, and I had to remove the battery to turn it off sometimes. :P And that's all that's happened. Going out in the sun in a little while. Gonna enjoy that I'm not going back to school again. ^^ Just gonna check if I can manage to login to WoW first to check my mailbox...

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Happy birthday to [ profile] mejasan!

Have a nice day, honey. ^^

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liek, OMGZ! It's my birthday on Wednesday! I can go buy my own sake on Wednesday! Except that the wine store is closed on Wednesday. But I'm 20! I absolutely love the thought of no longer being a teenager. Don't know why, I just do.

So happy birthday to me in two days!

On a completely different note...

I love my guild! The Seraphim Nocturnus is so fantastic! I'm not sure I'd really keep playing WoW if it wasn't for the Seraphim. I'm kind of loving/hating WoW on off all the time, and I don't know why I keep playing, but every time I decide to stay away, I start thinking of the Seraphim, and I go back. Now, if only I could make some of them help me do some power lvling... >.> *really wants that lvl 40 mount*

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Happy birthday, [ profile] nussekanin!!!

*gives lots of birthday hugs*

Look, I remembered to congratulate you today! *is proud of herself*
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Update. That's something I haven't done in a while. Some things has happened since last, for example Graham's birthday the 10th, and there was something that happened the 11th too, but I sincerely can't remember what it was. And then I ordered a new computer from Dell. Got it Monday, so now I have me a big nice 19" LCD screen and a 'puter with 2GB RAM and 3GHz cpu. 160GB hd, but I didn't deem the size of the hd as the most important. It will after all be a gaming machine... ^_^ I will still use Hana-chan for lots of things, but not for gaming, and future anime downloads will happen at the new one. I managed to call it Hayate, don't ask me why, and after I had done it, I must admit I worried a bit about naming the 'puter after a sick man who is dead... >.< But whatever. I'm sure it'll be ok. ^.^; Right?

Have started playing the Sims 2 again, as I now have a computer who can deal with the game. It's not smart of me to start with the playing now, as I've got a big paper counting half of the grade on an exam I need at least B, preferably A, in. That paper is the sole reason I haven't bought "Knife of Dreams" yet. Thought I'd control myself and wait with that until Christmas, when I have more time.

Now I'm going to try and catch Torgrim on the phone, as I have a little something to ask him. ^^
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Mom's ordering tickets for some Finnish jazz festival! And that's so great! ^.^ I think it's called Pori or something, but I'm not sure. Never could write Finnish... I'm really looking forward to the jazz festival. I love jazz, but I don't hear even close to enough of it. So I think it'll be a great summer, after all. Working until 15th July, when mom, dad, Mari, Marte and I will drive to Alta. Mom and dad are going to a wedding I'm not invited to, which is perfectly fine with me. So Mari, Marte and I will muck around Alta for the day, going to the stone writing's museum, and we'll see if we can find something else to do as well, and then we'll go out for dinner, and maybe go to a bar or something and take a drink after dinner. Then, on Sunday, (I think it's on Sunday), Mari and Marte will drive back to Tromsø in Marte's car, while mom, dad and I will drive to Finland. In Finland I'm going to buy curtains, since I think I'll get Marimekko cheaper there than in Tromsø. And maybe, just maybe, we'll drive all the way to Estonia. If so, I can ad a 19th country to my list of countries I've visited. ^.^;

The sun went away today. It's not cold out doors, but it's not exactly warm either. No sun, just clouds, but luckily it's not raining. I knew there would be clouds today, since it's the Midnight Sun Maraton tonight, and they never get midnight sun when they run. Ever. It's a bit ironical, isn't it? ^.^;

I spoke to Torgrim on the phone a little while ago, and we've agreed to go together to the band concert Marte's playing in tomorrow at 18:00 at Rica. It's almost a sort of date. It's a bit strange that we're spending more time together and talking more now than we did while we were together... ^.^; But that's the way it is. I'm not complaining in the least, since he is a very nice person, and I love him very much, in a friendly way. He is absolutely one of my very best friends. He's one of three I'm inviting to Flyt to celebrate my 19th birthday, after all... And the other two are Mari and Marte. They've all said yes, so now they can't get away. And I'll get pressies! ^.^

*hugs [ profile] elsapie* Just because I feel like it, and she deserves lots of hugs. *hugs* huni.