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*giggle* Gay Army is funny! How in the nine Hells did they manage to find so many so feminine men? The show should be called "Stereotype Gay Army", as I've never seen such over the top... gayness, in lack of a better word. We're talking 2 hours in the morning to apply makeup and fix the hair. We're talking silicone fillings in lips. We're talking Victoria Beckham as the big idol. It's sooo funny! XD And there were wrestling... ^.~

My time at WoW is over for now. I'll be back when I return from Italy, but not before. And I just realized that The Sims 2 isn't compatible with Mac, so I'll have to go shop for a Mac friendly game™ that doesn't require internet. I'm thinking of buying Warcraft™3: Reign of Chaos and The Ice Throne. I know they had them at Free Record Store at only 99kr each, so if they still have them that cheap, I'll buy them both. If they're not so cheap any longer, I'll have to settle for Reign of Chaos.

My time is being eaten away by The Flesh Trade, as one of my slaves has been sold. So now I'm struggling with RPing a 15year old naga... It's funny! ^^ <3 The Flesh Trade!

List of books I need to buy before I go to Italy:
--The Dirk Gently Omnibus
--Guards! Guards!
--Night Watch
--Thief of Time
--Autobiography of a Geisha
And believe me, I'm open for suggestions. ^^


June 1st, 2006 22:45
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Gah. People on the Test Realm forum are driving me raving! >( They don't seem to understand that whining won't fix the PTS any faster, and to constantly demand the CM and GM's attention is not going to improve it, as they will have to answer... (and there I broke off, many days ago... >.>

Now, I'm still frustrated at the idiots on the Test Realm forum, as they keep asking the same questions again and again and again, now mainly about pre made characters ZOMGZ NOT THERE!!!one111!!eleventy!1111!!! I've explained to three different posters, or rather on three different topics with lots of people asking the same thing, that the pre chars are being copied to the PvP server, which is down. Or at least it was earlier today. It was up sometime after 21:00 and I got in the queue. I was number 7000 or something in the queue. I got down to 5000 and got disconnected! >( Connect again and I'm number 6500 in queue. I leave queue and decide it's a lost cause.

I am now regretting having mooched around doing nothing the last few days (well, I've read two Discworld novels, but...), as I've got an exam tomorrow. I do not like the thought of having an exam tomorrow. And then there's the last one on Tuesday. I've barely opened the two books we've got in that subject. I'm so fucked... Tomorrow should work, somehow, if I could only find out how. Haven't read all of chapter 16 yet. Won't do it either. I'm so fed up with psychology right now, I could just about assassinate the entire institute. Hmm...

*wanders off planning how to get in touch with Mr. Downey*

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Now I wanna write a story about Mike. But I don't know where to start, and besides, I've got other stories going which I should try and finish before I start on something new. But I really wanna write some Mike-centric stuff now. Really wanna! I also want to RP, preferably with Mike (as in me RPing him), but I have no one to RP with. So that's no good. >.>

I'm spending my time watching InuYasha when I'm not brooding over the lack of Mike-centric stories. [ profile] nussekanin's b/f was kind enough to share the first 80 with me, so now I'm downloading for the life of me. Epi 33 almost done... And I'm spreading the love! Christine wanted InuYasha, so I'm sharing... ^^

Was in Hønefoss on Tuesday to check out my car and make the final adjustments (I don't do the adjustments, the mechanics does... >.<), and I'll get it in a few weeks. We caught a late plane home on Tuesday just so I'd have the time to meet [ profile] nussekanin at the air port for some food and a talk, and I really loved it! Never mind that the plane we took home had me waiting for an hour after [ profile] nussekanin left before boarding started. It was so worth all the waiting! ^^ And I had "The Truth" to keep me company while I waited. Remember, the Patrician never says sorry...

Now my goals are:
--Preferably getting the driver's license before the start of August
--Getting the driver's license before Anina gets hers
--Convince [ profile] nussekanin to come to Tromsø to take English together with me this autumn
--Getting my own apartment, preferably sharing one together with [ profile] nussekanin

And now I'm tired, so I'm going to go to bed now. Dream sweet dreams about Sesshomaru... >.>


March 7th, 2006 13:55
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Lecture's boring... It's about language, and though I like the fact that the lecturer is using Brokeback Mountain for the examples, I'm about to fall asleep. I want to go back to my reading, as I want to know what happens to Drizzt next. He ran into Dinin and Briza again, and I want to see how well he'll fare. <3 Drizzt! ^^

I think I'll try to drag mom to the cinema today. The last day Geisha runs is Thursday, and I have to see it. So... ^^ Geisha today or tomorrow! ^^

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Decided that I'd go to the library today after the seminar. I need more Drizzt! <3

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Exam's over. The correct answers have already been published. I got 55/70. Not bad, but is it good enough? I do hope it'll land me a B. I doubt it'll land me an A. Just hope no one has got better scores than me, and I'll be ok... Grades'll be out in three weeks' time, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Library on Friday. Borrowed a book. It was not planned, but as I went through their English section, my eyes fell on three books labeled "The Forgotten Realm". It was the Dark Elf trilogy, and I had to read it... Have read first book now, so I'll have to return to the library and deliver that one and bring the other two with me home. ^^ <3 Drizzt...

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Last day in Helsinki. We're leaving tomorrow, but today we're going to brave the rain and go for the last shopping rounds. I'm going to buy some Mummitroll thingies, like a Lille My t-shirt and key ring. I like Lille My! ^.^ But I haven't found a single cd store in the entire city. And it's a fairly big city, too... But I bought books. I love Akademiska bokhandlen! I found one more Jonas Gardell book (Vill Gå Hem), found the book of "the Dreamers" that I missed, so now I've got "the Treasured One" too. And that's good. And I found lots of samurai books. Only bought one, but I might buy more of them today. I've soon finished "the Samurai's Wife", so I am going to need more. I want more books about Sano Ichiro and his wife Reiko... ^.^

Will have to hint Ingrid and those about the meeting at uni 15th, since it's compulsory. But not today...


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