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Hehe. I finally got to install linux on my desktop computer. So now I have the choice of three different OSes. I love it! Got the newest version of Ubuntu, so now my screen is dominated by a big, pretty heron. Oh, how I love it...Still not sure whether to bother setting up WoW, though. I normally play on the laptop anyway, since I don't have a very good computer table. Though I guess that could be remedied... Need to install the drivers for my tablet, too... Guess I'll go sift through Wacom's page rather than try to dig up the driver cds. That's what I did the last time I installed those... I honestly have no idea where the disc might be... I'll also have to move some files, and I'm wondering whether I should set up a home network for file sharing. I've done it before, and it is so much more convenient... But I've only ever done it on a windoze, so I'm not quite sure how to do it on linux or mac. Will figure it out if I decide it's worth it...

I should also start to update Hunter and Pet more often. It's summer now, so I should at least have the time. But I think I'll have to stop writing now. My arm is trying to commit suicide...

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Thought it might be update-time, as I haven't entered the new year yet. ^^; Got myself an iPod Classic 80gig last week. Have up till now filled it with 7gigs of music (and a few piccies), and realised that I'd have to pay NOK250 if I want movies on it, since I need QuickTime Pro to convert the files. >_< So no Hogfather or Eyeshield 21 on me when I'm bored at work... >_>

Studying is actually interesting at the moment, though the psychology is threatening to get quite boring. I do love the anthropology and religion, though, even though my dad is the lecturer in anthropology. :p A lot about saami culture, history and religion. ^^

And I'm waiting for office:mac. It should arrive tomorrow, I hope, as the cracked version both I and [ profile] itachismistress run is giving us problems when connected to the internet. I even know why, but there's nothing I can do about it, as it is because the same registration key was used on both macs. :p

Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) has just been. Only saw 3 movies this year, had planned for a few more, but it didn't fit. But I saw the Korean Dasepo Naughty Girls, which was hilarious, the Chinese The Other Side, which was strange and a bit amateur like, but with a good story, and lastly the Japanese Hana, which was incredibly cute and quite enjoyable. Was also planning/wanted to see a Rwandan film called Munyurangabo, Tuya's marriages, which I can't remember the nationality of, the Argentinean XXY and of course the Norwegian Kautokeino-opprøret. The last one will be seen soon, as even my dad and mom wants to see that one, and they're not that fond of going to the cinema. I think Tuya's marriages will run on regular cinema too. At least I hope so. ^^

I spent 11 minutes typing this...

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And now I'm 59. Took just about 5 or 6 quests in the Honor Hold area. I love Outland! ^^ But I don't like the Fel Reaver that walks around there... He killed me once, and I dodged him four times in 35 minutes. :p

And now over to something completely different.

I spent a lot of money today. Sort of expensive early christmas present for myself. I got myself a MacBook Pro. Since Hana-chan doesn't work at all any longer, and I want to restore Kyo to university computer, I need a laptop that can be used for everything else. And thus it became a MacBook Pro... *shifty eyes* When Hayate some time in the distant future kneels over and breaks completely, I'm getting either a Mac Pro or an iMac with Boot Camp. That way I can run all my windows only compatible games, and still have nothing but macs. ^^

<3 Mac

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Easter vacation, and I'm home. It's good despite the snow, and knowing that both William and Siri's got 10-15 centigrades and sun. Mom's in Bergen, so it's just me and dad, but she's coming home tomorrow evening. It's strange, really, because I haven't been at home since Christmas, which is 3 months, and still it feels like not that long ago.

Downloaded Fluid Mask for Photoshop today. Was a bit worried I wouldn't get it, as it didn't initially start due to lacking seeds, but it started after 19.00, and by the time I'd eaten dinner and watched some TV, it was finished. I do love that plug-in... Now, if only Peter can give me the crack for CS2... And the links to the tuto pages... Need the tutos more than I need the crack, though. I need a good tuto for how to make photo galleries in Flash. preferably with preloaders and some select menu at the bottom. Horizontal, not vertical.

What more? My body doesn't work as it should any longer. Or at least that's the feeling it's giving me. It hurts in so many strange places, and both my knees are totally fucked. And if anyone wants a spare shoulder...

Oh! Just realized that it's April 1th now! Which means I'll be staying in bed for a looong time...

La Vie en Rose is running. And I am going to find a way to drag mom to the cinema. Dad's going north to work on our sea-side cabin, so it'll be just me and mom in the week to come. At least some of the days... Which means homemade pizza and La Vie en Rose.

Also learned yesterday that I'll be getting more than 20000 kroner back due to paying too high taxes last year. NAV managed to misplace my tax card and thus charged me 50% tax. Which means lots of money back. XD Will be getting them in June, which means that I will definitely have enough money to go to Bukta this year. And since I'm moving in to a new apartment... I'll be needing the money.


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