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Test realms are fun! I've been running around as a lvl60 Night Elf Hunter since 16:00 today. ^^ Didn't do any instances, as I felt it would be stupid of me since the only one I've ever done before is the Deadmines, and I did not feel ready for Molten Core. And neither, I believe, is Hana-chan even remotely capable of handling that amount of graphics just like that... ^_^; I spent 30min in queue to get in, was number 370 in queue when I first logged on, but I just sat down and read a bit more about Drizzt while I waited. Now I'm back out of Azeroth because of a Server shutdown. It's a test realm, after all... Felt a bit sorry for some of the whiners there, I'll admit. Someone said they'd spent 6hours in the queue just to log on to see [SERVER]Shutdown: 15:00. Damn, that must be annoying... I guess the realm's up again now, but I'm not going to log back on, since Hana-chan is getting quite warm after all the big cities and huge raids. ^^

So now I'll go to bed instead. ^^


March 7th, 2006 13:55
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Lecture's boring... It's about language, and though I like the fact that the lecturer is using Brokeback Mountain for the examples, I'm about to fall asleep. I want to go back to my reading, as I want to know what happens to Drizzt next. He ran into Dinin and Briza again, and I want to see how well he'll fare. <3 Drizzt! ^^

I think I'll try to drag mom to the cinema today. The last day Geisha runs is Thursday, and I have to see it. So... ^^ Geisha today or tomorrow! ^^

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Decided that I'd go to the library today after the seminar. I need more Drizzt! <3

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Exam's over. The correct answers have already been published. I got 55/70. Not bad, but is it good enough? I do hope it'll land me a B. I doubt it'll land me an A. Just hope no one has got better scores than me, and I'll be ok... Grades'll be out in three weeks' time, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Library on Friday. Borrowed a book. It was not planned, but as I went through their English section, my eyes fell on three books labeled "The Forgotten Realm". It was the Dark Elf trilogy, and I had to read it... Have read first book now, so I'll have to return to the library and deliver that one and bring the other two with me home. ^^ <3 Drizzt...


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