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Last exam finished.

And I reached level 58 today! For the first time, I walked through the Dark Portal from the Azeroth side! /cheer

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I'm reading psychology. Yes, I am... >_> Or at least I am pretending to be... My last exam is tomorrow, but I just started reading, and this time I can't fall back on what I heard in lectures, since I haven't attended a single lecture. >_< I fear I'm going to fail painfully. Whatever compelled me to take Cross-cultural psychology? Oh yeah... It seemed like an interesting subject that would be reasonably easy, up until I opened the book and found out just how depressing the book it. You'd think there'd be illustrations in a book about cross-cultural psychology. Or at least some colors. But the book consists of plain text (not to mention text walls... >_>) and some grey boxes with more text. It's enough to drive anyone off reading.

I should be reading, though, instead of writing here and pretend to watch Disney Channel. Somebody shoot me...

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Today is an exceptionally good day! First I passed the theory exam with only 3 mistakes out of 45 questions. The fail percent is 80 on that exam, so I am very pleased. ^^ Then my new sunglasses came, so now I have sunglasses that change color depending on the amount of sun. Third, mom picked up the soundtrack to "Spirited Away" for me. And fourth! My tablet has arrived!!! *does the happy dance* So now I'm trying to learn to use a pen instead of a mouse. It is difficult! ^^; Gotta practice more! *bounces off*


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