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Now I'm kind of regretting that I didn't update this yesterday... 06/06/06. XD Though to be honest, I'd worry more about 04/04/04 or 07/07/07... >.>

o_O And now I realize why my exam sucked major donkey balls! 06/06/06! Can you blame me for getting 54% wrong!? >( Evil, evil university, giving us an exam on the day of the devil. >( I just pray to whatever deity that I pass the course. I'll have to take the course up again anyway to get in on the prof. study, but I'd hate to get a big fat fail!.

Dinner today at Marte's. She and Mari is throwing an exam-over dinner for me and Kristian (I'll talk more about him later under friends lock...). It'll be taco, mom's making the guacamole and I'm buying the coke. Kristian ain't buying shite, since the last I spoke to him, he had a grand total of 30 kroner on his bank account. And I feel poor when I drop below 1000 kroner... '>.>

And soon it is summer! Or rather, it is summer, and I'm done at uni (studying), but there's work, and I'm not going away for another two weeks. But before then, there is a concert that I can't miss! Can you believe that Deep Purple's going to play in Tromsø? And that I've got tickets for the concert!?! *cheers* And Stavangerensemblet is one of the warm up bands! ^^

But now I've got to drag my ass to work. *waves*


June 1st, 2006 22:45
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Gah. People on the Test Realm forum are driving me raving! >( They don't seem to understand that whining won't fix the PTS any faster, and to constantly demand the CM and GM's attention is not going to improve it, as they will have to answer... (and there I broke off, many days ago... >.>

Now, I'm still frustrated at the idiots on the Test Realm forum, as they keep asking the same questions again and again and again, now mainly about pre made characters ZOMGZ NOT THERE!!!one111!!eleventy!1111!!! I've explained to three different posters, or rather on three different topics with lots of people asking the same thing, that the pre chars are being copied to the PvP server, which is down. Or at least it was earlier today. It was up sometime after 21:00 and I got in the queue. I was number 7000 or something in the queue. I got down to 5000 and got disconnected! >( Connect again and I'm number 6500 in queue. I leave queue and decide it's a lost cause.

I am now regretting having mooched around doing nothing the last few days (well, I've read two Discworld novels, but...), as I've got an exam tomorrow. I do not like the thought of having an exam tomorrow. And then there's the last one on Tuesday. I've barely opened the two books we've got in that subject. I'm so fucked... Tomorrow should work, somehow, if I could only find out how. Haven't read all of chapter 16 yet. Won't do it either. I'm so fed up with psychology right now, I could just about assassinate the entire institute. Hmm...

*wanders off planning how to get in touch with Mr. Downey*

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Exam's over. The correct answers have already been published. I got 55/70. Not bad, but is it good enough? I do hope it'll land me a B. I doubt it'll land me an A. Just hope no one has got better scores than me, and I'll be ok... Grades'll be out in three weeks' time, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Library on Friday. Borrowed a book. It was not planned, but as I went through their English section, my eyes fell on three books labeled "The Forgotten Realm". It was the Dark Elf trilogy, and I had to read it... Have read first book now, so I'll have to return to the library and deliver that one and bring the other two with me home. ^^ <3 Drizzt...

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Got through the book. So now I have read all 350-400 pages for the exam. Now the problem is that I probably won't remember any of it... >.> It's so much, and so many names, and I swear, if I get "which of the following theories did Wagner stand for?" I'll die. I think I can manage Freud, Descartes and Mesmer (mesmerize=hypnosis @_@), but the rest? There are almost four fucking hundred pages of theories of this guy or that. It is not doable! >( And I need an A, preferably, so I can fall back on a B on the stupid essay exam later on. *le sigh*

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I am doing it again! Anything but reading, it seems. Though today I'm not mooching around LJ, I'm chatting with... *takes deep breath* ...Mistress Rebecca, Anina and Thomas. It's distracting me from what I should really be doing, but it's fun, so why stop? O.o

I'm sooo doomed...
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I'm doing it again. LJ instead of reading for my exam. Somebody whip me into submission. I need at least a B on this, and I ain't gonna get that sitting here reading my friends list on LJ! >.T
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Now I think I'm done tweaking my journal. Will start reading now.

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I am not looking forward to next Friday... First exam, and I fear it will be evil... I didn't really start the reading before today, and that might be a bit late when I have got 400 pages to read... Have downed 3 of 9 chapters, so I will get through it all, I just hope I'll remember it too... Luckily, it is a multiple choice exam, so I can always guess a bit, but I do need an A... Meh...

I have promised myself to not play WoW before the exam, except attending the Guild meeting I suppose will be held Sunday at 19:00 CET, but that'll take an hour or two, so I can allow myself that.
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I've run out of medicine... No more frog pills, and I don't know what I'll do, as the first exam is coming up, and I have no frog pills to calm down my brain! *panics*

Other than that, I'm doing a lot of not-exactly-reading. I open the book, I turn a page, I read half a page, I drift over to Hana to check my mail, I end up here and on Y!H.

[sarcasm]I can see that I'll manage to get an A without problems, oh yeah.[/sarcasm]

I'm also waiting to drag mom along to Memoirs of a Geisha. I'm disappointed of the main actress, but only because she's Chinese, though she plays a Japanese Geiko. *sigh*

I think I promised Marte to sort of come on WoW tonight. I guess I'll have to. Have half an hour to an hour to play, so...
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Christmas holidays has really started now. Came to Bergen two days ago in the evening, and now I'm just sitting here, doing a lot of nothings. I've sent the pressies to [ profile] nussekanin and Anina, and I do hope they reach them before Christmas Eve. If you haven't sent my pressie yet, [ profile] nussekanin, it might be an idea to send it to Bergen. Send me an SMS, and I'll give you the address. ^^

It's actually quite quiet here right now, despite the fact that two out of three kids are in the house, in addition to two more kids that doesn't belong here, but came with the oldest kid. Friends. They've occupied the computer upstairs, so I can keep the laptop to myself. It's my uncle's, since Hana-chan is in granma's basement and I couldn't be bothered to take it all the way over here. Not that it is very far, but why use her when I can use someone else's computer? ^_^;

We will be making marzipan later, and after that, I don't know what we will be doing, but it will probably be quite ok. And there will of course be a dinner in it somewhere. I will also have to call dad and ask him to bring my flute when he leaves Tromsø, since I forgot to bring it myself.

On a side note, I have got the results from my psychology exam, and I scored a B! ^^ I am really pleased, since that means I still have a chance for the prof studies. YOSH! ^^


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