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Strange day. Ingeborg came in to bitch about something [ profile] itachismistress's father said, but she did nothing to disprove the original comment that started it all. Though she didn't know the comment originally came from me, so she blamed [ profile] itachismistress. And yes, I still mean there is nothing between her ears besides make-up and boys. She can bitch about it as much as she wants, as long as she does nothing to make me think different, I will continue to claim that there is nothing but make-up and boys between their ears. *evil laugh*

My iPod is soon full. I want a big 80gig one, but I don't have 3000kr to spare. Especially since I'm going to upgrade the memory in Kyo...

[ profile] itachismistress is about to fall asleep, I think, so I better stop here and let her go to bed... Right now she's laying behind me, snoring... ^^

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FHS is fucking with my posting ration. I can't seem to bother to post when I'm here. And I don't really know why either, as I don't do all that much at all...

But the Burning Crusade came yesterday, so I guess I'll hit another WoW wave now. ^^ I love my little gay blood elf... And I swear, he's gay! XD

Name's Naoshi, btw, on EU-Moonglade.

Also rolled a Draenei on Defias Brotherhood when Moonglade kicked me. She's a beauty... ^^ Shaman, yes I know, predictable. But I want to lvl a shaman! >(

Name's Lillim, btw. Pretty, ain't she?

So it'll be Burning Crusade from now on. ^^ And I still need to level Souvraya to 40. Well, 70, but we'll start light... ^^;

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Update time... And lecture time, but we'll ignore that... >.>

I got a letter from Lundheim fhs at the end of last week, so now it's official. I'm going to Beijing in November! ^.^ I have also managed to install WoW on my iBook, but (luckily?) the firewall at university blocks my access. Or, rather, it doesn't block me, and I've never experienced such a low latency before, but I can't interact with anything but the Auction House and the mail box. But of course, Auction House checks at university could save me gaming time when I'm at home...

I know I had lots more to write here, but right now, my head is completely empty, so it'll have to be done later.

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Heh. Seems like I'm actually going to apply for a fhs for next year. Lundheim is actually accessible for disabled, and they offer assistants/helpers (I think), and they have the most wonderful courses! One year with creative data/computing and web will be exactly what I need! ^^

It costs kr 60 100,- (49 100,- without the school trip), and it'll get me to China! ^^ (China's the 11 000 in difference). It's in Moi, so I'll get nice weather and hopefully a winter without so much snow, and it's relatively close to my mom's family, so the location is perfect. Got grandma and grandpa + aunts and uncles (and cousins) in Bergen and my grandma's sisters with family in Tvedestrand.

I'll call them tomorrow to hear if they've still got room for me, and I'll ask about that assistant/helper thingy, and then I'll apply. If they've still got room, of course.

*is sooo excited*


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