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Watch me update LJ when I should be going to bed... I'm not really tired, though. Tomorrow I'll have to attack my bachelor assignment, though I'm not sure how that'll go. I'm decidedly unmotivated. And I want Ane Hedvig back to Tromsø! But I digress.

I do love my Spotify premium... Listening to strange music because of it. Should see if I can find 4'33" there... That'd be something... Hehe.

I wonder why my body generally hurts. I think I'm deteriorating or something. Nothing really doesn't hurt any longer. But it isn't an all-consuming, horrible pain. It's more like a dump ache that never goes away. Have been a bit worried about contracting the swine flu, but have gone clear up to now. Hope it'll stay that way...

Envious of mom. She's going to Rome together with some friends to celebrate some birthdays next weekend, and I would have loved to come. But I'm not part of the click, which I guess is sort of obvious, but still... It's Rome, for fuck's sake! I love Rome! I love most of Italy, to be honest. Mom's fault, I suspect...

We went to Florida this summer; [ profile] itachismistress, [ profile] nussekanin, her boyfriend and I. It was a great trip, even though [ profile] itachismistress's feet were killing her. I love Disney World. Wish everywhere could be as well adapted for wheelchairs etc. Wish somebody could fix Tromsø. :p

Spent some weeks at our cabin too. It's very nice there, even though we didn't have electricity there before last weekend. Quiet, with a lovely view.

I really should go to bed now...

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Don't know what I'm writing here tonight. I just felt I should write. Went to the pharmacy today and picked up some stuff for Florida. Still a bit unsure about the trip. Think it's mainly because of what I had to agree to on the esta thingie. I like my right to complain about things...

I am so going to shop shoes in Miami!

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Turned 23 last Sunday. Don't know whether I've got any thoughts about that. Birthday present from my parents were that I don't have to pay the May rent. Got myself a present for myself in late April. Alpha Flight ftw. ^^

My bachelor assignment is shot. To hell. An office;mac update ate it, text, diagrams and all. So I'll be doing that over again next semester. So summer started two days earlier than I thought it would. Can't say I'm sad about that...

Got a concert on Thursday. Playing a sonate pour deux flûtes with my flute instructor. So just hope I'll manage to get the difficult parts right. Looking forward to getting a new flute. The one I have is not airtight any longer. Makes it bloody difficult to get certain tunes right.

I'm getting a bit nervous about our Florida-trip. So not used to travel without my parents. *sweatdrop* But I assume everything will go according to plan. The only thing we haven't fixed already is a hotel in Miami, but I don't think that'll be too big a problem. Will just have to wait and see what we find. At least we have a car.

Haven't played much WoW lately. Mix of not having time due to the assignment that went to hell and a general annoyance with the game. I miss raiding, but am not sure I'm geared well enough for Ulduar, and the guild has mostly left Naxxramas completely. And PuGing Naxx is so out of the question for me, it's not even funny. I do not PuG anything, at least not on my hunter. I'm too scared of the world of n00bs out there... >.< So I'll just have to wait for the guild to drag me into Ulduar. Which won't happen this side of summer. I miss Karazhan... Raiding just isn't the same without harpsichord music on the stairs... The shaman is great fun to play, though... Just wish I could get all my 20-50 characters to 58 so I could speed up the levelling a bit... Hellfire Peninsula->Zangarmarsh->Nagrand->Northrend. xD

Hmm... Should perhaps get to bed soon. Need to get up early tomorrow, as I need to talk to the university and NAV. Question is only, will I be able to drag my flatmate away from her computer and StarGate Atlantis?


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