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Have started filling in the application form for Frambu. Just the basic stuff, like name, address and diagnosis (muscular dystrophy, unknown type x_x). And will write in big clear letters that I wish to share rooms with Rebecca-chan! ^^ *dances in circles*

I've, on another note, spoken with the apartments office at uni today about the few apartments "suitable for wheelchairs". She said she'd call me back. So if I'm really lucky, I'll get me a 3rooms apartment for 5000 kroner a month. With belonging furniture. And electricity added in the price. I like... ^^

If you don't wanna read about my period woes... )

What more? Nothing much, I think. Not doing much. It's the film festival this week, and even though I have a festival bracelet, I haven't seen a single film yet. TIFF is famous, but I can't be bitched to go out in this storm just because of that. I'm going to see one film at least. Either tomorrow night or Saturday night. It's the only Japanese film this year, and it seemed interesting, so I shall see it. No interesting Chinese films this year though. Last year I saw "Green Hat", and besides being very, very confusing, it was a nice and funny film. ^^ Recommendable. ^^
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Rebecca-chan, you must see this! Chibi Jack It's soooo kawaii! ^.^

I want to go back to Frambu and stay there longer... I want to share room with Rebecca-chan aka [ profile] nussekanin for another week, or even a month and longer! She's the best roomie I've ever had, and she had the same morning rhythms as me, so last year didn't repeat itself with Anina getting up at 08:00 and asking if I wanted to come with her for a morning bath. [ profile] nussekanin is as lazy as me in the mornings... ^.^;

Went to the welcome meeting for all the new students at uni today. It was a terrible mess... Too many people without a clue where they were headed... Good that I for one am comfortable about finding my way around campus...

Saw that Folkeuniversitetet i Tromsø was going to put up Sapmi language courses, so I'm actually considering signing up for it, but I also saw four other courses I'd like to take... Chinese 1, Thai 1, Finnish 1 and Water paint for beginners. They didn't have a Japanese course, since they don't have any Japanese teachers, but I'm seriously considering the Sapmi one... ^.^

I think the spider that was outside my window has disappeared... I'll post a photo of it when I've transfered the photos from my camera to Hana-chan. ^.^
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I have a problem... -.- I can't get my hands on the torrents to One Piece #145-150, only the batch from #141-150. And I've got #141-144 already and I don't feel like downloading them again. It takes much time... --__--

Am leaving for Frambu on Monday, and will have to survive a week without my laptop. That'll be tough... But I'm looking forward to it, anyway, since I'll see [ profile] nussekanin again, and it's a year since last I saw her.

Aside from that, I wish for the impossible (again). But what it is this time, is not for me to say. Maybe my icon'll give it away, but what do I know...?


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