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Happy New Year!

And completely unrelated, I feel the need to copy a snippet from a article:
As long as a healer seems to be casting healing spells I'm willing to cut her or him a lot of slack, especially in dungeons like Halls of Reflection where people often die through not moving out of giant, inky pools of blackness on the floor that they stand in as if they were instead duck ponds full of adorable baby ducklings. There are no ducklings in the fetid wells of corruption, guys.

It was just too amusing to not pass on. :)

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This is hereby my official "Welcome to 2009" post. What it'll contain is unknown at this time. Waiting for all the exam results from before Christmas. Getting nagged at to reach 80. Hoping I get my car back about now. Wanting a new TV, but not having the balls to replace my old as long as it still works. Reading "Lysets Rike" for the second time. On the last book now, I think. A bit angry at Torgrim. Home alone right now. It's deceptively nice. My arm hurts a bit. I am sort of hungry. Max Manus was a nice movie. So was Madagascar 2. December 27 to January 5 was a great time, spent in Oslo with [ profile] nussekanin and her b/f. I bought the rest of the "Dune" series when in Oslo. Need to play WoW, still need 3 3/4 levels before I'm finished levelling.

That would be about it right now. Will try to update here again in not too long a time.

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Happy New Year!

And I'm only half an hour early, even. ^^


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