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Thought it might be update-time, as I haven't entered the new year yet. ^^; Got myself an iPod Classic 80gig last week. Have up till now filled it with 7gigs of music (and a few piccies), and realised that I'd have to pay NOK250 if I want movies on it, since I need QuickTime Pro to convert the files. >_< So no Hogfather or Eyeshield 21 on me when I'm bored at work... >_>

Studying is actually interesting at the moment, though the psychology is threatening to get quite boring. I do love the anthropology and religion, though, even though my dad is the lecturer in anthropology. :p A lot about saami culture, history and religion. ^^

And I'm waiting for office:mac. It should arrive tomorrow, I hope, as the cracked version both I and [ profile] itachismistress run is giving us problems when connected to the internet. I even know why, but there's nothing I can do about it, as it is because the same registration key was used on both macs. :p

Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) has just been. Only saw 3 movies this year, had planned for a few more, but it didn't fit. But I saw the Korean Dasepo Naughty Girls, which was hilarious, the Chinese The Other Side, which was strange and a bit amateur like, but with a good story, and lastly the Japanese Hana, which was incredibly cute and quite enjoyable. Was also planning/wanted to see a Rwandan film called Munyurangabo, Tuya's marriages, which I can't remember the nationality of, the Argentinean XXY and of course the Norwegian Kautokeino-opprøret. The last one will be seen soon, as even my dad and mom wants to see that one, and they're not that fond of going to the cinema. I think Tuya's marriages will run on regular cinema too. At least I hope so. ^^

I spent 11 minutes typing this...

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Strange day. Ingeborg came in to bitch about something [ profile] itachismistress's father said, but she did nothing to disprove the original comment that started it all. Though she didn't know the comment originally came from me, so she blamed [ profile] itachismistress. And yes, I still mean there is nothing between her ears besides make-up and boys. She can bitch about it as much as she wants, as long as she does nothing to make me think different, I will continue to claim that there is nothing but make-up and boys between their ears. *evil laugh*

My iPod is soon full. I want a big 80gig one, but I don't have 3000kr to spare. Especially since I'm going to upgrade the memory in Kyo...

[ profile] itachismistress is about to fall asleep, I think, so I better stop here and let her go to bed... Right now she's laying behind me, snoring... ^^

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Yay! I've brought [ profile] nussekanin over to the right side! :P She bought WoW! *does happy dance of victory* So tomorrow I'll play lowbie again! ^^ On Kyo, to be noted, as Hana has started to hate the game. I can log on. I can chose my character. I can push "Enter World". I can watch the load bar filling. And then I can watch "Disconnected from server". If the game doesn't freeze first. I find it unendingly amusing that the weakest computer I own is the one that runs the best. Where's the logic in that?

Oh yeah, Mac's optimization. I love Mac! ^^;

I've managed to connect my iPod NANO (whose name is Yuki... ^_^;) to my stereo, so now I have all my downloaded music with proper bass! And it has proved to me that I don't need new speakers. I need a new stereo. I always thought the bass issue lay in the speakers, but the iPod actually works as a bass booster, so it must be my crappy stereo. =_= Which means I'll have to buy a bass booster rather than new speakers. And that can become really expensive. -_-'

But, YAY! I've got lots of pretty music with bass now!

And of course I've remembered what I was supposed to write last time. They've blocked my Visa. Which means that I'm more broke now than I've been since I first got a pay card. I have ~6500NOK in my bank account, but the only way I can access those money is if I go to the bank downtown, and I don't have the time. And as I've never got cash, I'm completely broke. I had to borrow money for lunch yesterday, from a friend who's really broke. It's very, very annoying. >.>

And lastly. I've fallen in love with a song. Again. The singer's name's Patty Larkin, and the song's "I told him that my dog wouldn't run". It's sooo beautiful... ^^

He said
I read the bible every day
Trying to keep the demons at bay
Thank God when the sun goes down
I don't blow away


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