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My head hurts, despite the paracetamol I took a little while ago. Of course, I suppose sitting in front of the computer doesn't help all that much, and neither does Bob Hund... Will change the music now, though...

I'm being watched by two pandas...

I am generally strange at present. I can't really explain it, past the computer confusion, as I'm using Hana-chan now, and I haven't had her up in a while, so everything I do, I have to do twice, because I do it the Mac way the first time around. Holding down buttons to right click, going after the apostrophe in the upper left corner. And so on. And Kyo has an easier keyboard...

I've managed to drag Siri to LJ, [ profile] itachismistress, though reading her posts will be an interesting affair. Right now I suppose the same applies to my post... I wonder how many typos I'll have by the time I'm done writing. Another thing from Kyo... I'm expecting a smaller keyboard, so I don't necessarily hit the right buttons either. But I can still write while watching Siri. I just need to think a bit. Actually it was easier to write while not watching the screen. From that I can conclude that I know my touch writing... >.>

I'll try not to rant about the stupid people at school. Like Odd Henning and his Mr. Know-It-All attitude. He's fuckin' worse than me! >.<

Talking computers with Tor. Telling him about my dream computer. If someone wants to spoil me worth 150 000 kroner, let me know, because then I can get the Mac of my dreams. 16gb ram, 2x 3ghz dual cpu, 4x 750gm hd, nvidia graphics 512mb memory, 1x 30inch lcd screen and 1 24inch lcd screen. Beautiful, white and sleek. It'd look soooo gorgeous in my new apartment... *drools*

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I'm doing it again. LJ instead of reading for my exam. Somebody whip me into submission. I need at least a B on this, and I ain't gonna get that sitting here reading my friends list on LJ! >.T
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Now I think I'm done tweaking my journal. Will start reading now.

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And then, because I love completely unrelated things...

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I think my tea is finished now. It smells nicely of mint, and I'm looking forward to it. I sure am. *grins*

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I used exactly one hour on this post.

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I just realized that I've been here (LJ) for more than two years now... O_O Who'd ever believe that? And I've only managed to write 240 (241 with this) entries. O.o



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