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Today is an exceptionally good day! First I passed the theory exam with only 3 mistakes out of 45 questions. The fail percent is 80 on that exam, so I am very pleased. ^^ Then my new sunglasses came, so now I have sunglasses that change color depending on the amount of sun. Third, mom picked up the soundtrack to "Spirited Away" for me. And fourth! My tablet has arrived!!! *does the happy dance* So now I'm trying to learn to use a pen instead of a mouse. It is difficult! ^^; Gotta practice more! *bounces off*

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Yay! I've brought [ profile] nussekanin over to the right side! :P She bought WoW! *does happy dance of victory* So tomorrow I'll play lowbie again! ^^ On Kyo, to be noted, as Hana has started to hate the game. I can log on. I can chose my character. I can push "Enter World". I can watch the load bar filling. And then I can watch "Disconnected from server". If the game doesn't freeze first. I find it unendingly amusing that the weakest computer I own is the one that runs the best. Where's the logic in that?

Oh yeah, Mac's optimization. I love Mac! ^^;

I've managed to connect my iPod NANO (whose name is Yuki... ^_^;) to my stereo, so now I have all my downloaded music with proper bass! And it has proved to me that I don't need new speakers. I need a new stereo. I always thought the bass issue lay in the speakers, but the iPod actually works as a bass booster, so it must be my crappy stereo. =_= Which means I'll have to buy a bass booster rather than new speakers. And that can become really expensive. -_-'

But, YAY! I've got lots of pretty music with bass now!

And of course I've remembered what I was supposed to write last time. They've blocked my Visa. Which means that I'm more broke now than I've been since I first got a pay card. I have ~6500NOK in my bank account, but the only way I can access those money is if I go to the bank downtown, and I don't have the time. And as I've never got cash, I'm completely broke. I had to borrow money for lunch yesterday, from a friend who's really broke. It's very, very annoying. >.>

And lastly. I've fallen in love with a song. Again. The singer's name's Patty Larkin, and the song's "I told him that my dog wouldn't run". It's sooo beautiful... ^^

He said
I read the bible every day
Trying to keep the demons at bay
Thank God when the sun goes down
I don't blow away

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Mom's ordering tickets for some Finnish jazz festival! And that's so great! ^.^ I think it's called Pori or something, but I'm not sure. Never could write Finnish... I'm really looking forward to the jazz festival. I love jazz, but I don't hear even close to enough of it. So I think it'll be a great summer, after all. Working until 15th July, when mom, dad, Mari, Marte and I will drive to Alta. Mom and dad are going to a wedding I'm not invited to, which is perfectly fine with me. So Mari, Marte and I will muck around Alta for the day, going to the stone writing's museum, and we'll see if we can find something else to do as well, and then we'll go out for dinner, and maybe go to a bar or something and take a drink after dinner. Then, on Sunday, (I think it's on Sunday), Mari and Marte will drive back to Tromsø in Marte's car, while mom, dad and I will drive to Finland. In Finland I'm going to buy curtains, since I think I'll get Marimekko cheaper there than in Tromsø. And maybe, just maybe, we'll drive all the way to Estonia. If so, I can ad a 19th country to my list of countries I've visited. ^.^;

The sun went away today. It's not cold out doors, but it's not exactly warm either. No sun, just clouds, but luckily it's not raining. I knew there would be clouds today, since it's the Midnight Sun Maraton tonight, and they never get midnight sun when they run. Ever. It's a bit ironical, isn't it? ^.^;

I spoke to Torgrim on the phone a little while ago, and we've agreed to go together to the band concert Marte's playing in tomorrow at 18:00 at Rica. It's almost a sort of date. It's a bit strange that we're spending more time together and talking more now than we did while we were together... ^.^; But that's the way it is. I'm not complaining in the least, since he is a very nice person, and I love him very much, in a friendly way. He is absolutely one of my very best friends. He's one of three I'm inviting to Flyt to celebrate my 19th birthday, after all... And the other two are Mari and Marte. They've all said yes, so now they can't get away. And I'll get pressies! ^.^

*hugs [ profile] elsapie* Just because I feel like it, and she deserves lots of hugs. *hugs* huni.


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