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Happy New Year!

And completely unrelated, I feel the need to copy a snippet from a article:
As long as a healer seems to be casting healing spells I'm willing to cut her or him a lot of slack, especially in dungeons like Halls of Reflection where people often die through not moving out of giant, inky pools of blackness on the floor that they stand in as if they were instead duck ponds full of adorable baby ducklings. There are no ducklings in the fetid wells of corruption, guys.

It was just too amusing to not pass on. :)

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Watch me update LJ when I should be going to bed... I'm not really tired, though. Tomorrow I'll have to attack my bachelor assignment, though I'm not sure how that'll go. I'm decidedly unmotivated. And I want Ane Hedvig back to Tromsø! But I digress.

I do love my Spotify premium... Listening to strange music because of it. Should see if I can find 4'33" there... That'd be something... Hehe.

I wonder why my body generally hurts. I think I'm deteriorating or something. Nothing really doesn't hurt any longer. But it isn't an all-consuming, horrible pain. It's more like a dump ache that never goes away. Have been a bit worried about contracting the swine flu, but have gone clear up to now. Hope it'll stay that way...

Envious of mom. She's going to Rome together with some friends to celebrate some birthdays next weekend, and I would have loved to come. But I'm not part of the click, which I guess is sort of obvious, but still... It's Rome, for fuck's sake! I love Rome! I love most of Italy, to be honest. Mom's fault, I suspect...

We went to Florida this summer; [ profile] itachismistress, [ profile] nussekanin, her boyfriend and I. It was a great trip, even though [ profile] itachismistress's feet were killing her. I love Disney World. Wish everywhere could be as well adapted for wheelchairs etc. Wish somebody could fix Tromsø. :p

Spent some weeks at our cabin too. It's very nice there, even though we didn't have electricity there before last weekend. Quiet, with a lovely view.

I really should go to bed now...

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I love the name "nail varnish". Or rather, I love the word varnish, and wish we'd use it more.

Now you know.

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I could not resist!!!

I adopted a cute lil' death fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Link gotten from [ profile] glitteringlynx's post at [ profile] childfree.

Isn't it adorable? ^^

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This is a... I don't know what to call it. Just ignore it if it confuses you... :P

Ramblings )

Story time over for this time, children. The story might be continued at a later time, another night I sit up doing nothing.

For the record, this is finished when Kyo's clock says 01:57

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My arm hurts. Could be because of the way I'm sitting. Or rather, I know it's because of the way I'm sitting. Armrests and laptops are a bad combo... Well...


June 24th, 2007 23:16
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Summer is here.

And I hate my hair.

...just thought I should say it...


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