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I received a letter from the Health Department today. About my sterilization. It's been granted, unanimously, and now I just have to wait for word from the hospital! ^_^ Hope to hear from them soon.

Weee! Me happy! ^_^
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I have a fantastic doctor, I swear! I was to see him today, as planed, and when I asked him about sterilization, he said that he didn't know too much about it, but he dug out an application form and filled it out for me. He also said that he'd write in the application that I wanted a refund on medical reasons. Then he told me that I could expect a letter from the hospital where they will run a general health check etc and probably ask me some questions about why I want the sterilization. And he expected the rest to run smoothly. ^^ I'm so happy!

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I am looking forward to next Thursday. I've got an appointment with my doctor for various reasons and needed papers, and I intend to ask him THE question. Sterilization: I need age limit, price and if there is any way I can get in on medical reasons. And of course if he is willing to actually schedule me with someone who can do it. Of course, I'm slightly worried he's going to tell me off with the usual: you're too young, you'll change your mind. You're not sexually active. And so on... I need support...

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