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First the link to the first part of this story:

Now to continue this...

Ok, that's all for now. I'll continue it later, if I continue it at all.

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This is a... I don't know what to call it. Just ignore it if it confuses you... :P

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Story time over for this time, children. The story might be continued at a later time, another night I sit up doing nothing.

For the record, this is finished when Kyo's clock says 01:57

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Now I wanna write a story about Mike. But I don't know where to start, and besides, I've got other stories going which I should try and finish before I start on something new. But I really wanna write some Mike-centric stuff now. Really wanna! I also want to RP, preferably with Mike (as in me RPing him), but I have no one to RP with. So that's no good. >.>

I'm spending my time watching InuYasha when I'm not brooding over the lack of Mike-centric stories. [ profile] nussekanin's b/f was kind enough to share the first 80 with me, so now I'm downloading for the life of me. Epi 33 almost done... And I'm spreading the love! Christine wanted InuYasha, so I'm sharing... ^^

Was in Hønefoss on Tuesday to check out my car and make the final adjustments (I don't do the adjustments, the mechanics does... >.<), and I'll get it in a few weeks. We caught a late plane home on Tuesday just so I'd have the time to meet [ profile] nussekanin at the air port for some food and a talk, and I really loved it! Never mind that the plane we took home had me waiting for an hour after [ profile] nussekanin left before boarding started. It was so worth all the waiting! ^^ And I had "The Truth" to keep me company while I waited. Remember, the Patrician never says sorry...

Now my goals are:
--Preferably getting the driver's license before the start of August
--Getting the driver's license before Anina gets hers
--Convince [ profile] nussekanin to come to Tromsø to take English together with me this autumn
--Getting my own apartment, preferably sharing one together with [ profile] nussekanin

And now I'm tired, so I'm going to go to bed now. Dream sweet dreams about Sesshomaru... >.>

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I finished the first part of my new story. I am quite pleased, actually. It became very frantic. ^^ I'll post the link here, as I'm a total whore when it comes to comments on my works. So comment on it!

Frantic - It's panicky, but lovely. ^^ Demon meets angel. ^_^;

YAY! Read and review! ^^


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