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Midsummer update!

Spent two weeks in Sicilia with mom and dad, which was very nice. We rented an apartment for 10 days in Campofelice di Roccella, and then stayed 3 nights at a hotel in Aci Trezze, north of Catania. Spent some days at the beach, some days driving around, mainly to different archaeological sites; Valle dei Templi just south of Agrigento, Selinunte in Marinella di Selinunte, and Neapolis in Siracusa.

I didn't read as many books this year as I did last, but I think they were thicker. I finished the Harry Potter series, so read the last half of book five, plus books six and seven. Then I finished the third book of Malazan Book of the Fallen, Memories of Ice, and read about 30% into the next book in the series, House of Chains. In addition, I read most of the first book in the Riftwar Saga, Magician: Apprentice - by Raymond E. Feist - on the plane, as I've come to the conclusion paper books are more convenient on planes than Kindle books are.

I've been back home a week now, and Siri and I are leaving Friday, to drive to Vestby. We've chosen to drive down through Sweden, and have scheduled a stopover in Mora, so we can go visit the Bear Park in Orsa. Then we've got approximately two weeks in Vestby, with mandatory wedding attendance, before we drive down to Kristiansand for one night, and then we head home, through Norway this time. We've managed to save up quite a nice travel budget, and we're hoping for nice weather. While we're driving, it would be nice if we could avoid burning sun, and also to avoid rain, but I guess that might be asking for too much...

I miss Bilbo, who's on Karlsøy with Kookie while we're travelling. The apartment's sort of empty without him. The cat, not Kookie... He's coming back to us in August, when we're back home.

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I don't write here all that often, do I? Not sure what to write now either. I've bought a new sofa - or rather, I've paid 250 NOK for a new sofa, and mom and dad paid the rest, 9000 NOK. It's combined birthday and christmas present. Also bought me a new computer mouse. I've been looking for this mouse (read: type) for the last 7 or 8 years, since I went from an old computer to a new one with only usb ports. So, 500 NOK for a mouse I actually can use without ruining my arm is a good deal, if you ask me. Even tried it out in raid today, and I must say it takes some getting used to, after having played with a touchpad for years.

Hmm... What else is there to tell? We're driving south next Friday. First driving to Oslo, where we're catching a plane to Alicante in Spain. In Alicante we're renting a car, and we have rented a house/apartment in northern Spain for a week. Two weeks in Spain, then back to Norway, and driving to Tvedestrand and then Bergen before coming home around 7th or 8th August. Shall be good to get away from the cold and lack of sun... Quite possibly stopping by [ profile] nussekanin and her b/f on the evening when we come back to Norway, but I need to talk to her about that first. It won't be very early, after all... Can't remember when we're landing, though. Mom's the one who's got control there...

I need to buy a new bikini before we leave, so probably tomorrow or Tuesday. And I'm not sure I'll have the time to raid this coming week. Depends on mom, I guess.

Don't think I'll write more this summer. In August perhaps... Unless of course I get bit by some plot bunny or something... No internet connection anywhere, though, except mom's mobile broadband. And that's sloooow...

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Watch me update LJ when I should be going to bed... I'm not really tired, though. Tomorrow I'll have to attack my bachelor assignment, though I'm not sure how that'll go. I'm decidedly unmotivated. And I want Ane Hedvig back to Tromsø! But I digress.

I do love my Spotify premium... Listening to strange music because of it. Should see if I can find 4'33" there... That'd be something... Hehe.

I wonder why my body generally hurts. I think I'm deteriorating or something. Nothing really doesn't hurt any longer. But it isn't an all-consuming, horrible pain. It's more like a dump ache that never goes away. Have been a bit worried about contracting the swine flu, but have gone clear up to now. Hope it'll stay that way...

Envious of mom. She's going to Rome together with some friends to celebrate some birthdays next weekend, and I would have loved to come. But I'm not part of the click, which I guess is sort of obvious, but still... It's Rome, for fuck's sake! I love Rome! I love most of Italy, to be honest. Mom's fault, I suspect...

We went to Florida this summer; [ profile] itachismistress, [ profile] nussekanin, her boyfriend and I. It was a great trip, even though [ profile] itachismistress's feet were killing her. I love Disney World. Wish everywhere could be as well adapted for wheelchairs etc. Wish somebody could fix Tromsø. :p

Spent some weeks at our cabin too. It's very nice there, even though we didn't have electricity there before last weekend. Quiet, with a lovely view.

I really should go to bed now...


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