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This is hereby my official "Welcome to 2009" post. What it'll contain is unknown at this time. Waiting for all the exam results from before Christmas. Getting nagged at to reach 80. Hoping I get my car back about now. Wanting a new TV, but not having the balls to replace my old as long as it still works. Reading "Lysets Rike" for the second time. On the last book now, I think. A bit angry at Torgrim. Home alone right now. It's deceptively nice. My arm hurts a bit. I am sort of hungry. Max Manus was a nice movie. So was Madagascar 2. December 27 to January 5 was a great time, spent in Oslo with [ profile] nussekanin and her b/f. I bought the rest of the "Dune" series when in Oslo. Need to play WoW, still need 3 3/4 levels before I'm finished levelling.

That would be about it right now. Will try to update here again in not too long a time.

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I'm slow on the updates, am I not...? :P

Don't ask me why, but I can't seem to be bothered with the updates. I really don't know why. Could of course be because I don't have internet at home, but I wouldn't bet on it. We'll be getting an internet connection october 9th, if we get the modem, but I'm getting a bit worried, so I'll have to call Canal Digital on Monday. We're also going to buy a stereo, but I'm not sure when. Oh, and when the internet connection is up and running, and I have managed to connect the stationary, I'll be downloading Linux. Not quite sure which yet, but I think I'll end up with Ubuntu.

Other than that, I don't have much to tell. At some point there will be a party, but I don't think it'll be before Christmas. Time will show... Hopefully there will at least be a role playing weekend or two before that, but I'm seriously not sure. >_>

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Gods, I haven't updated in forever, have I? Well, let's make a quick recap of the summer and early fall, shall we?

--Got my driver's license on 11th July
--Nice weather this summer, with the exception of...
--Bukta. Nice concerts, sucky weather.
--Trip to Haparanda and Luleå in Sweden, which consisted of my summer vacation this year. Three nights in Sweden... And lots of money spent on Ikea.
--Slowly but surely moving into my new apartment. It's taking time, though. Got the refrigerator yesterday.
--Arguing with NAV about what to do this fall. Finally agreed with them, which means I'm currently studying
--Psychology. The 3rd semester of the Bachelor, but I haven't been accepted to the bachelor program yet, so this and next semester will consist wholly of separate courses. But they all belong to the bachelor in psychology.
--[ profile] itachismistress got accepted at the nurse program in Tromsø, so we're going to share the apartment, whenever that will be ready...
--She now has a better mac than me. Yes, I'm bitter...
--I still want a blackberry...
--Have reached lvl 53 with Souvraya on WoW, and that after almost no playing at all this summer.
--Have read lots of books.

And that was my life this summer. Pathetic, huh? >.<

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Damn, I'm eager on the updating of lately. If I keep this up, I'm going to have updated more in a week than I have since I started at Lundheim.

Funny how all my updates are during the night...

I'm hungry, btw...

And a bit sleepy.


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