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I don't write here all that often, do I? Not sure what to write now either. I've bought a new sofa - or rather, I've paid 250 NOK for a new sofa, and mom and dad paid the rest, 9000 NOK. It's combined birthday and christmas present. Also bought me a new computer mouse. I've been looking for this mouse (read: type) for the last 7 or 8 years, since I went from an old computer to a new one with only usb ports. So, 500 NOK for a mouse I actually can use without ruining my arm is a good deal, if you ask me. Even tried it out in raid today, and I must say it takes some getting used to, after having played with a touchpad for years.

Hmm... What else is there to tell? We're driving south next Friday. First driving to Oslo, where we're catching a plane to Alicante in Spain. In Alicante we're renting a car, and we have rented a house/apartment in northern Spain for a week. Two weeks in Spain, then back to Norway, and driving to Tvedestrand and then Bergen before coming home around 7th or 8th August. Shall be good to get away from the cold and lack of sun... Quite possibly stopping by [ profile] nussekanin and her b/f on the evening when we come back to Norway, but I need to talk to her about that first. It won't be very early, after all... Can't remember when we're landing, though. Mom's the one who's got control there...

I need to buy a new bikini before we leave, so probably tomorrow or Tuesday. And I'm not sure I'll have the time to raid this coming week. Depends on mom, I guess.

Don't think I'll write more this summer. In August perhaps... Unless of course I get bit by some plot bunny or something... No internet connection anywhere, though, except mom's mobile broadband. And that's sloooow...

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Today is a sort-of good day. Was at NAV today and spoke to my councilor about the future of my studies. We agreed to close the psychology "game", and he is now investigating possibilities of getting me an education at the music/culture school (Musikkonservatoriet). He was really positive about it, but said it was all about the money. So if I'm lucky, they'll conclude with it being cheaper for them to get me a new bachelor, even a specially tailored one, where I end up with a job, at least at 50%, than to have me declare myself unfit to work. *crosses fingers and toes*

In other news, my mom is stranded in Oslo. She was going to fly home last evening/night, but because of the volcano on Iceland, her plane was cancelled. So now, her plan is to stay at a friend's tonight, and take the train to Bergen tomorrow, where she'll stay until at least Sunday, or until air traffic is functional again. I hardly think she complains... She doesn't have her laptop, even, so she can't work at all. And she had to go shopping today. How horrible... :p Wish it was me... Though I think I'd stay in Oslo. Hopefully I could have moved in with [ profile] nussekanin and her b/f. ^^ That'd be nice...

Nothing much else happening. I'm playing WoW on and off, got my druidess to 63. Was stupid enough to respec my death knight before I picked up new weapons for her, so now she's got a useless spec, and there are no one-handers out at level 70. I iz teh stoopid. Spent my frost emblems on a new trinket rather than on a tier piece, as I was more desperate for the trinket. Even though it's got haste on it... At least I'm raiding at least once a week now, so shouldn't be too long before I have enough marks to pick up some tier pieces again.

Japanese is going quite ok, I think. We've got through hiragana and will start on katakana next time, which suits me, as I find katakana easier than hiragana. For next time, we're supposed to memorize アイウエオ and カキクケコ, which shouldn't be a problem. Not sure if we'll ever look at kanji, but I don't think so, as I don't think we'll have the time. If I'm lucky, Kaori-sensei will set up a Japanese 2 this fall. Gief moar Japanese, plox!

In completely unrelated news, I <3 my spotify!

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Happy New Year!

And completely unrelated, I feel the need to copy a snippet from a article:
As long as a healer seems to be casting healing spells I'm willing to cut her or him a lot of slack, especially in dungeons like Halls of Reflection where people often die through not moving out of giant, inky pools of blackness on the floor that they stand in as if they were instead duck ponds full of adorable baby ducklings. There are no ducklings in the fetid wells of corruption, guys.

It was just too amusing to not pass on. :)

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Turned 23 last Sunday. Don't know whether I've got any thoughts about that. Birthday present from my parents were that I don't have to pay the May rent. Got myself a present for myself in late April. Alpha Flight ftw. ^^

My bachelor assignment is shot. To hell. An office;mac update ate it, text, diagrams and all. So I'll be doing that over again next semester. So summer started two days earlier than I thought it would. Can't say I'm sad about that...

Got a concert on Thursday. Playing a sonate pour deux flûtes with my flute instructor. So just hope I'll manage to get the difficult parts right. Looking forward to getting a new flute. The one I have is not airtight any longer. Makes it bloody difficult to get certain tunes right.

I'm getting a bit nervous about our Florida-trip. So not used to travel without my parents. *sweatdrop* But I assume everything will go according to plan. The only thing we haven't fixed already is a hotel in Miami, but I don't think that'll be too big a problem. Will just have to wait and see what we find. At least we have a car.

Haven't played much WoW lately. Mix of not having time due to the assignment that went to hell and a general annoyance with the game. I miss raiding, but am not sure I'm geared well enough for Ulduar, and the guild has mostly left Naxxramas completely. And PuGing Naxx is so out of the question for me, it's not even funny. I do not PuG anything, at least not on my hunter. I'm too scared of the world of n00bs out there... >.< So I'll just have to wait for the guild to drag me into Ulduar. Which won't happen this side of summer. I miss Karazhan... Raiding just isn't the same without harpsichord music on the stairs... The shaman is great fun to play, though... Just wish I could get all my 20-50 characters to 58 so I could speed up the levelling a bit... Hellfire Peninsula->Zangarmarsh->Nagrand->Northrend. xD

Hmm... Should perhaps get to bed soon. Need to get up early tomorrow, as I need to talk to the university and NAV. Question is only, will I be able to drag my flatmate away from her computer and StarGate Atlantis?

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This is hereby my official "Welcome to 2009" post. What it'll contain is unknown at this time. Waiting for all the exam results from before Christmas. Getting nagged at to reach 80. Hoping I get my car back about now. Wanting a new TV, but not having the balls to replace my old as long as it still works. Reading "Lysets Rike" for the second time. On the last book now, I think. A bit angry at Torgrim. Home alone right now. It's deceptively nice. My arm hurts a bit. I am sort of hungry. Max Manus was a nice movie. So was Madagascar 2. December 27 to January 5 was a great time, spent in Oslo with [ profile] nussekanin and her b/f. I bought the rest of the "Dune" series when in Oslo. Need to play WoW, still need 3 3/4 levels before I'm finished levelling.

That would be about it right now. Will try to update here again in not too long a time.

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Wow Item Creator!

xD I am having fun, yes. ^^

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Update on the thing about "on hover" links. Some digging in the source files of Big Red Kitty and Need More Rage and finally found the correct string. So now there is "on hover" links over at Hunter and Pet. Be proud of me... ^^

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Souvraya and Luna now has their own blog over at blogspot. Hunter and pet. Go take a look. And somebody tell me how to make the item links "on hover" from wowhead... It's starting to bug me that I can't figure it out, but I suppose it's something in css, and I suck at css... Need to do some more research into that...

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I got to exalted with Ironforge! I got my ram!!!

Eyecandy behind cut )


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O.o I have actually forgotten to mention that I dinged 70 a little while back. I can't believe that I forgot to mention my first 70!

So here goes.

OMG!!! Souvraya finally dinged 70! I got my flappy!!!
Now to get the money for the epic flappy...